Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

Buying and trading EterArt only requires three things:
  • A computer (desktop or laptop) with a Chrome or Firefox browser installed
  • A MetaMask digital wallet
  • ETH, the cryptocurrency used to buy Digital Version of Arts

In order to buy contracts and sell your contracts, you’ll need to install digital wallet MetaMask on your Chrome or Firefox browser and load it up with ETH.
  • Go to Chrome Web Store and click “Add to Chrome” Or, go to Firefox Add-ons and click “Add to Firefox”
  • Click “Add Extension” on the pop-up
  • Accept the Privacy Policy and agree to the TOS
  • Set up your MetaMask account
  • Copy your 12 seed words and file them away somewhere safe (this helps to secure your account). Note: For security purposes, MetaMask browser extensions will periodically request that you log back in to your account. If you see a lock screen on EterArt, this security measure is the most likely cause – just click your MetaMask extension, log back in, and continue buying and trading smart contracts.

There are two ways to add ETH to your wallet. If you don’t currently own ETH, you can:
  • Buy ETH directly in MetaMask. This is only possible for US citizens.
  • Purchase ETH through a Coinbase wallet, another type of digital wallet, and then transfer the ETH to your MetaMask wallet using the Coinbase widget
If you currently own ETH, you can: Transfer your ETH from your existing digital wallet to your MetaMask wallet. ust copy your MetaMask address, open up Coinbase, and click on the “Accounts” option. Click the “Send” button, paste your MetaMask address in the box, add the amount of ETH you want to transfer, and complete the transaction.

All About EterArt

EterArt is a unique blockchain platform for collecting and trading digital versions of art objects.

Head on over to the EterArt Marketplace, scroll through the Arts, choose one of them and click on it. On the page of Art click on “Buy”. You’ll need to have enough ETH in your MetaMask wallet to cover the transaction; once you follow through the prompts and transfer the funds, you’re officially the only person in the world who owns that unique Digital Version of Art. After you bought it, it will be appear at your Cabinet.

At the first production of Digital Art the price on it is fixed by Application. But, after user buy it, he can specify any price he wants for it.

Yes – You can do not put it for sale. You can just collect it.

No. Because EterArt is run on the same blockchain technology used by Ethereum, ETH is the only currency you can use to purchase Arts. You can convert your standard currency into ETH through an exchange or directly through your MetaMask wallet (depending on where you live).


Think of Digital Version of Arts as collectibles – the new version of baseball cards, collectible figurines, or even artwork. While they do have value, that value is based on their desirability. You can make money on EterArts smart contracts by selling the contracts in the Application and receiving a higher ETH amount than you originally invested.

No worries – it is. You just need to click over to the “internal transactions” tab to see the sale and wait until the transaction is recorded. Registering transaction on the blockchain requires lots of computer all over the world to sync the data. This take some time, just like a bitcoin or Ethereum transfer, but also ensures and secures your ownership of the Art token.

Unfortunately, the current technology used to run the application is too much for your phone to handle.

We take a small percentage of each transaction when a Digital Version of Art is purchased. That’s it. There’s no scam, and no hidden requirements. If you see an art on the marketplace that you want to buy, you can do so for the full price, and then you own it. It’s that simple.
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